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Posted by erich13 on December 23, 2007

My Favorite Add-Ons» 

  • * Extensions in Firefox 1.5; Add-Ons in Firefox 2+
  • 1Works only with Firefox
  • 2 Some work Session Management extensions work with Firefox 1.5, with Flock 0.7.X, not with Firefox 2.0, and Firefox 2.0 has built-in sessionmanager.
  • 3 works with Flock, but not with Firefox.
  • 4 tips from the author: What I do though is go to preferences/invocation and set it to Toolbar mode, as I mentioned below. However what I didn’t mention is why: It means the menu does not come up when selecting text! ONLY when you hit the enter key after you select text. Try it 🙂 It’s much less obtrusive. I recommend toolbar mode: hit enter and it hoists the selection to the toolbar, then use they keyboard shortcuts
  • 5 Works with Firefox 1.5, not with 2.x
  • 6 Works with Firefox 2.x, not with 1.5
  • 7Groowe Search Toolbar bundles toolbar functions for many search engines, shopping sites, download sites, including Google toolbar, Yahoo, Amazon, EBay, Ask, Msn,, Wikipedia, Digg, and others
  • 8 Can you scroll back in Jabberbar? Can you enlarge Jabberbar?

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