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Posted by erich13 on December 23, 2007

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flickr’s geotagging group – The group is for discussing tips and methods of adding “geotags” aka
location metadata to flickr images, Discussing locations on the
geobloggers map worth checking out, Discussing the
website and features etc. makes heavy use of different online resources to provide you an easy way to explore our world:
Address search is provided by Google and
Photos are shared via Flickr and satellite imagery via Google Maps.

The GeoNames geographical database is available
for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It
contains over eight million geographical names and consists of 6.5 million unique
features whereof 2.2 million populated places and 1.8 million alternate names. All
features are categorized into one out of nine feature classes and further subcategorized
into one out of 645 feature codes. (more statistics …).

The data is accessible free of charge through a number of webservices and a daily database export. GeoNames is already serving up to over 11 million web service requests per day.

GeoNames is integrating geographical data such as names of places in
various languages, elevation, population and others from various
sources. All lat/long coordinates are in WGS84 (World Geodetic System
1984). Users may manually edit, correct and add new names using a user
friendly wiki interface.
GeoNames has Ambassadors in many countries who assist with their help and expertise. Meet the GeoNames Team.


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