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TIP: When to use slash -vs backslash

Posted by erich13 on January 1, 2008

  • “A slash or stroke, /, is a punctuation mark. It is also called an oblique, diagonal, whack, separatrix, virgule, scratch comma, slant, or forward slash. It appears similar to a solidus or shilling mark, which is a separate character.” en.wikipedia
  • “The backslash ( \ ) is a typographical mark (glyph) used chiefly in computing. It was first introduced in 1960 by Bob Bemer.[1] Sometimes called a reverse solidus, it is the mirror image of the common slash. It is also known as a slosh.[2] In colloquial speech, it is sometimes called a whack (however that term is considered to be properly a synonym only for the forward slash)”, wikipedia

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