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Blogging – A Starters Guide

Posted by erich13 on January 12, 2008

  • Determine the purpose of your blog. At the very least, it can be used for your personal knowledge base, journal, etc (Why I Blog.)
  • Make some choices:
    • Choose an editor application1. For example, because you can’t always just depend upon a blog’s editor, to have all the features you want/like/need, etc.
    • Choose a blog, from various blog providers2. Try out several, and then choose one that appeals to you (e.g. for ease of managment, appearance, etc.)
    • (optional) Choose a photo hosting provider3, so that you can post pictures there, and then link to them from your blog.
    • (optional) Choose means of earning money4
  • Starting Blogging.
  • Enjoy.

1 Editor applications (e.g. Flock’s Blog tool, Google Docs, VIM, SeaMonkey Composer, Outlook Mail Message)
2 Blog Providers (e.g., Bloglines, blogsome, Blogger, flickr, jaiku, LiveJournal, MySpace, Opera, Performancing, twitter, Vox, WebRing, Windows.Live.Spaces, WordPress)
3 Photo providers (flickr, GooglePhotos, photobucket, webshots).
4 Earning Money providers. For example: has links to many sites.



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