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Puns with people’s names (e.g. “Sit up, Chuck”)

Posted by erich13 on April 16, 2008

A friend of mine is delighted by puns with people’s names in them. He was teacher for many years and had gathered quite a few (puns), but he did not save the list from the chalkboard.

Here’s a few of them, to get us started, but I would greatly enjoy any more if anyone can think of some!

  • Sit up, Chuck
  • Pull the curtain, Rod
  • Pass the water, Lou
  • Hi, Gene
  • Would you help me move the lumber, Jack?

Any more, anyone?


4 Responses to “Puns with people’s names (e.g. “Sit up, Chuck”)”

  1. masonted said

    Looks like your eye is black, Jack.

    Looks like you lost some weight, you’re looking slim, Jim.

    That guy over there looks like Jesse, James.

    Did you hurt your foot? It looks like it’s turning blue, Jay.

    I think I just caught a crab, Louie.

    Will you hand me the phone, Bill.

    The egg hatch and chick is peeping, Tom.

    It’s time for you to go pick up Sarah, Lee.

  2. erich13 said

    Look the little chick just hatched and it’s peeping, Tom.

  3. erich13 said

    Pass the chocolate, Chip.

  4. erich13 said

    he bartender said, have another Metropolitan, Art.

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