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Posted by erich13 on July 19, 2008

My System» (Eric Herberholz)

About / Overview – My System» At the very core, Web 2.0» has a trait of serendipity. The trick is to manage this serendipity, either mentally and/or physically. Personally, I need to touch and feel things (kinetic learner), so I make it physical, for each subject or topic, using My Template» and tying them together with My Annotated Tag Cloud (A-List»): High-level topics / tags, that are important to me, that are linked to individual documents, on that subject. Sort of like having a personal Wikipedia

HP-UX Collaborate

hpuxcollaborate – Google Notebook

Collaborate Regarding HP-UX Products»

Survey» (Eric Herberholz)


Google Docs Templates (Presentations)

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Google Docs Templates (Spreadsheets)

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Google Docs Templates (Documents)


Social» (Eric Herberholz)

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Troubleshooting Kernel

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Common Blog APIs and URLs


Template» (Eric Herberholz) – Google Docs

HP-UX Troubleshooting Shortcuts – HPedia

Evernote» (Eric Herberholz)

Extension Frequently Asked Questions – MDC

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Why Flock? By Eric Herberholz

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Flock Browser – Evan | Flock


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