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Web 2.0

Wikipedia’s definitions of web2.0 ands Social Software are good starting points, to understand the 2nd generation of the World Wide Web, ” the phrase “Web 2.0” hints at an improved form of the World Wide Web. Technologies such as weblogs (blogs), social bookmarking, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds (and other forms of many-to-many publishing), social software, web application programming interfaces (APIs), and online web services such as eBay and Gmail provide enhancements over read-only websites.”

Personally, I have saved some links under the tag of web2.0 at

My social profiles: aim(ericherberholz,erichathp, erickhathome), amazon, askville, bebo, bordee, citizendium, claimid, clipmarks, cluztr, dapper,, deviantart, digg, drupal,, facebook, flickr, frappr, Google.Groups, jaiku,, linkedin, mashable, me.dium, minggl,, MySpace, orkut,, sharenow (f.k.a izimi) stumbleupon, stylehive, technorati, twitter, upcoming, wakoopawebshots, weeworld, Wikipedia, wikispaces, youtube, zorpia


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